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1.0 Introduction

Not much has been written about what happens to people that die, who havn’t been "Good" while on Earth. Most of us believe that there is no life after death, and you either go straight to heaven or hell.

This website is continuously being updated (on top of this page is a date, this identifies the last time that I've been on this website), and is written in such a way that you can read the entire blog in one go (this is like reading a book) or you can click on the links on the left hand Chapter Menu of the screen (like choosing which chapter to read in a book). At the end of this page is a comment link, if you would like to leave some valuable comments for other readers, you can get there by clicking here to post a comment.

Please do not spam or leave obnoxious comments, these will just be deleted as this will not benefit the people that do believe in Spirits or the higher realm.

Seeing Spirits is not a myth or some mental illness, and this website will endeavor to shed some light and answer some questions that you may always been wondering about, such as seeing a Ghost, the imagage of your mother, the image of your father, the image of a child Dog or the lights flicker. These are not making you crazy but perhaps somebody trying to make contact.

1.1 About us

I am a female, and was addicted to the Internet for many years and had been hooked playing online games for a number of years. With ‘hooked’ I mean being on the computer playing games virtually all day, from the moment I woke up, during work, when getting back home and throughout the night; and only stopping briefly to eat my food or having a quick nap before getting up to play for a bit longer

Michael has had a bad push bike accident before we met, but unlike me, he didn’t spend hours playing games or chatting on the net. He’s got a different ability; he’s been able to communicate with his Spirit Guide. But it has only been a few months ago when we’ve discovered that I can be included in their conversations as well.

2.0 The Accident

Michael got hit by a car while riding his push bike home from work. This accident resulted in Michaels neck being broken in 3 places. The next part is very unclear to Michael but it is very clear to the man who assisted Michael. Micheal had passed away in the accident but it was not his time to die, a man was sent to assist Michael. This man we now know is his Guide. This man stayed inside Michael until help was there. After being discharged from the hospital, he started to notice blood coming from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth during his showers, along with excruciating headaches. He went to numerous doctors and specialists with his symptoms, but was told that this was all in his head.

The Doctors gave him some more prescribed medications and sent him home. 14 months later his stomach burst and he was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced “Dead on Arrival”.

2.1 What really happened during that accident

We have recently been told by his Guide what had happened all those years ago. His Guide noticed the accident and that Michael’s heart was very weak, so he put his soul/energy into Michael’s body. But as the accident caused a broken neck, the Dr.’s clicked Michael’s neck back into place. As they did this, it trapped the Spirit Guide’s energy in his body.

When it was time for his Guide’s senergy to leave the body, he was unable to do so as he was caught up in the broken bones. So he screamed and tried to get the attention of anybody who would listen. One day Michael accidentally drunk vodka with his pills. This didn't help his already torn stomach lining and caused the stomach acid to leak through his body. The amublance was called, but due to complications he was pronounced D.o.A. While his heart stopped, his Guide was able to leave the body. Most of the Guides energy had left the body, except for 2% which is still trapped in Michael’s neck; this is the main reason that his Guide can contact him with ease.

3.0 How You Can Be Part Of The Journey

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of talking to his Guide, as well as other Spirits on this his spirit realm, while Michael is having an out of body experience (OOBE). Because I had not yet mastered the art of contacting my Spirit Guide, I have been asking a lot of questions and getting the answers, so that the people who are interested in the after life can get an insight to their existence. As it turns out, there are a lot of people who can see Spirits but not many people have discovered that partners can be included. As of yesterday, the total number of Forgotten Angels in the European block, that have couples participating was 6. Which is not a big number, if you consider that these are 67,000 Spirits. So I would encourage all of you who have a partner, to have a go for a few weeks and discover if you are able to communicate with the Spirits through your loved one. It truly is a wonderful experience and may get you one step closer to being able to get into touch with your own Guide. You are able to ask them advice, talk about your past, talk about your future or find out where in life you should be heading. They are a great source of information and are always willing to help you out. And all this for free, without you needing to see any physics or councellors.

4.0 First Memories of Michaels Contact with his Guide

I remember quite a few years ago, when Michael would get a jolt while he was sleeping. The jolt was a bit like seeing somebody getting an electric shock. (Body goes into involuntary movements). When I asked him why he was jolting, he would always reply that he couldn’t remember doing that, but felt as though a truck had hit him.

Sometimes he woke up with bruises on his body and felt as though he was traveling over the top of railway lines. At times he dreamed a little bit about his family. These dreams didn’t happen very often, perhaps once every few months.

On one particular night, he jolted as he usually did, but this time he remembered the dream. It was as though he was flying up the stairs in my family’s house, and in one of the rooms there was a man standing. Behind him was a photo of this man, wearing an Army uniform, standing proudly in front of a tank. Michael mentioned how this man seemed very agro and angry.

I probed him with a few more questions, and discovered that he had seen this man before in his dreams. Looking back on past discussions that Michael has had with his and my family about his dreams, it amazes me that he had been told to pull his dreams apart, how everything that he saw was said to have some specific meaning.

I was being silly when I asked him to stop this man in his dreams and ask him for his name, instead of pulling his dreams apart.

And this is exactly what he did one day. He told me that this man had a foreign name but he wasn’t too sure of the spelling. We stayed up for hours researching the Internet, and discovered that there was a person with the same name, who had served in the German war and died in the 1960’s.

4.1 How I got included

About 6 months ago Michael has been able to make contact with his Spirit Guide on a regular basis. This was usually done in the bedroom as I went to sleep.

Out of politeness I once asked him to greet his Guide for me. Then things became really interesting, when we found out that, as he was talking to his Guide in a meditative state, Michael was able to talk out loud, and said that his Guide was greeting me back.

By nature I am a very curious person, so I replied back, but Michael wasn’t able to hear me unless I either shouted, or if he traveled back down to his body and then back up to his guide again.

We did this for a while (which was very draining for him), and then, just by accident I placed my hand on his heart (I heard something about Chakra’s, and thought of experimenting by touching him in certain places to see if that would do anything). His guide apparently had this big grin on his face, saying that he could hear me. As time went on, we played around a bit more, and discovered that the more skin I had on him the more his Guide was able to see me.

This was all very interesting and exciting to me, so I came up with a whole lot of questions, and instead of Michael asking him the questions, his Spirit Guide came down into his body while Michael went up into the Spirit world being entertained by the other spirits. With ‘entertained’ we mean that he learns things which he would never have known beforehand. Other Guides in the realm teach him things such as flower arranging, work advice or let the art of marching in an Army.

5.0 Some Different Spirit Planes/Realms

I have always been under the impression that there are only 2 places that you can go to when you die. If you are good, you go to Heaven. If you’ve been bad you end up in Hell. But there are a lot of different planes that a person can end up in, depending on how they have lived their lives. Michael's Guide belongs to the Forgotten Angels. They know of all the planes below them as they can see down, but not up the realms (they identify these realms by numbers, and to date don't have any official titles them). As you will see, there is a lot of information on Michael's Guide's Plane, and not much on the other planes as this is the only plane that we can communicate with at the moment. (This part is still under development while we are getting all the information, but this is how I currently understand it)

  • Realm 0 to minus 7

  • This is what could be classed as ‘Hell’. This is where the Dark Angels/ Evil Beings/ Demons reside. They feed off the soul of others. This is where really bad people go to, who for example, kill for pleasure.

  • Realm 1

  • This is where people go to that are involved with the dark side, such as casting spells on others.

  • Realm 2

  • This is where the souls of people go to who have been cannibals or serial murderers

  • Realm 3

  • This is where paedophiles end up in and other criminals who commit ghastly acts

  • Realm 4
  • These are people who have been bad in their lifetime such as Murders, but are believed to be able to be converted to ‘Good’ Spirits. They usually have to serve 100 years as a Cleaner before being able to move onto the next plane. These Cleaners look like little critters who either clean the surroundings of a person,or a persons skin. There are some people who have been able to see them. More commonly these are people who are coming of a mind altering drugs (such as heroin, although others can also see them, if they have an ‘ability’ to do so). They are harmless and are only doing their job, but it can affect the person if they
    attempt to tear off their skin.

  • Realm 5 Forgotten Angels

  • The reason that these are ‘Forgotten’ is that there has not been a lot publicized about these Angels (or any other Angels/Spirits except for the Devil, Archangels, Jesus, God and the Angels that the Mediums are able to contact which reside in a realm Michaels Guide refers to as "The Angels with Wings") . The Spirits that are on this plane may have killed people but not for pleasure, they may have been, for example, a soldier whose job it was to defend their country, or because they accidentally killed somebody in a car accident.

    They don’t walk in the light, but their job is to help people on Earth in order to repent for their sins and move to the next plane.

    Once these Spirits have served their time, and helped enough people on Earth they get their “Wings” and go up to the “Angel with Wings” plane. However, while they are on this "Forgotten Angels" plane, they are unable to communicate to their friends/family through a psychic or medium.

  • Realm 6 Training Block

  • This is where the people who die go. First they get judged, then they get told that they have died, then the get told which Realm they fit into, then you get trained and tought of what is "Right and Wrong" in Angel Land. This can take up to 3 months.

  • Angel with Wings

  • This is what most people would refers to as Heaven. These are the Angels that we mostly hear about. We get told that when you die, you will end up in this Realm and meet up with your friends and family, which is true, providing that you or your friend/family, have lead a non violent or crime related life. These are the spirits that Mediums and Psychics work with. These Angels walk in the light and are able to put people on Earth in touch with Spirit. They are also able to walk amongst people on earth. However, because these Angels have wings, they are not able to interfere with us on Earth, ie intervene if there is a heart attack. (This is where the Angels in Realm 5 come in)

    5.1 Dog Child/Child Dog (Ghost Dog)

    Up to 3 years before a baby gets born a spirit will visit that couple/family to see if it would be happy to be part of their family. They come down in the form of a ghost shaped dog or spirit dog and observe the couple, their family and surroundings. (However, if they chose to do so, they can come down in any shape that they want to)

    At the end of the first trimester, the spirit of the Dog Child will enter the womb of the mother.

    If you are lucky enough to be able so see a Dog Child, talk him or her and welcome it into your life and/or home (even if you can’t see them, but another family member or friend can, feel free to talk to the being, they are able to hear to you).

    For a while they may seem shy, or stand outside the house until invited in. Giving them a blanket to lie on helps to form a bond and they know where they can rest.

    On a side note: The unborn baby does not have a soul until the end of the first trimester which is why the Dog Child will still be around. At the end of the first trimester your unborn baby will be able to hear you and respond to you. This is a great time to start bonding with your child.

    5.2 Some Good Deeds performed by The Forgotten Angels

    One of the most recent things I’ve heard that has been done by a Spirit, is that one of his students (person that he is looking out for) was suffering from a heart attack. The Guide was a strong Spirit so switched souls, which is usually only for a brief moment until the body is able to have a stable heart beat again.

    Another example which doesn’t involve switching souls is a car crash where these spirits do their best protecting their students by making sure that they live, which would be that although the car has been totally damaged the student is unharmed. All of the Spirits that have contacted us so far live in ‘prisons’ and have their own cell. This is because they have killed somebody (as stated before) and have to repent by helping people on Earth. These prisons are made up of blocks and are divided by continents. There is a block for New Zealand and Australians, separate ones for Europeans, and a separate one for Asians etc. This is to keep some type of order as when people die they still take with them love and hatred.


    outback self help said...

    My husband & I are both proffesional psychics and we are always educating people about life after death.

    It is not until something major happens in their lives that they start seeking answers in this area.

    Glad to see you blog, very differnet layout than most

    Cylon said...

    Thank you very much for your comment. This website is still a work in progress.